Eurotherm Temperature Controller

Eurotherm Temperature Controller

The stamina of a Eurotherm temperature controller benefits the thermal system. Eurotherm is a leader in temperature and process control. It also offers power controllers managed by analog signal, which have the robustness to handle challenges. Take the Eurotherm thyristors. They are ideal during drying, air conditioning, and plastics extrusion processes. A thyristor is a smart option for resistive and inductive load management. It provides long or short shots of power in coordination with precise load and heater demands. Phase angle firing of the thyristor is an option for some load types, such as inductive, that require limitations. A thyristor is selected based on load requirements.

Eurotherm Controller for Electrical Heating

Even the most challenging load situations can be controlled with precision and accuracy by using the proper analog power controller. When the conditions require reliability, a Eurotherm controller is available to address system demands. TE10A thyristors can handle brief over-currents of up to 15 times greater than the nominal rating, which makes it a key player in controlling short-wave IR elements. This type of Eurotherm process control offers a breakdown voltage that is three times higher than the nominal operating voltage. It can be used at up to +60°C.


Eurotherm Power Controller Surge Management

When conditions include the potential for surges, a Eurotherm power controller should be on site. Power control is useful in the handling of electrical heating and switching tasks. Industrial Eurotherm power controllers operate according to analog signal and are selectable for DC current or voltage. Features include the ability for local control, as well as plug-in connectivity. With DIN rail or panel mounting available, a new device can quickly deliver features and solid state control. Contact us to learn more about equipment and process protection today.


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